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About Us

We at Varangian digital marketing have enormous experience using the Google Ads platform and therefore understand one of the major obstacles to people undertaking marketing is their fear of risk.

Why We Are Different

As we all know, there is no way of totally eliminating risk when undertaking marketing.

However, our proven process is focussed on mitigating this risk, prior to engaging clients. We only want to take on a client, if all parties believe we have a more than fair chance of it being successful.

It means that there has to be an element sharing of information, some of which may be sensitive, but this means trust and transparency on both sides prior to engaging which we believe is the foundation of a strong working relationship.

Therefore, we have developed a unique proven process, which has 5 steps and is totally transparent throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

We believe we are unique in the market place as we undertake this qualification prior to engagement and also no not ask potential clients to sign a 12 months contract as we only want happy clients.

Contact us today and begin your growth journey!

Quick Contact

    I wish to offer a recommendation for Peter Murphy of Varangian Consultancy Ltd. When Peter came to work for us at Cavendish Brooke International Ltd, we needed our help in establishing our vision for the future of the business. Peter worked with us to clear some of our confusion and helped us create and implement a robust but simple plan to help us grow our business.
    Peter showed a clear understanding of our business in an incredibly short time and quickly became a valued support to us. He helped us to gain a clear vision of the direction in which we wanted to grow and increase our market share.
    I cannot recommend Peter enough. We find him to be honest, hard-working and a natural coach who made a clear positive impact on our business.

    Cindy Griffith – Financial Planning Consultant