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About Us

In an increasingly sophisticated market our aim is to deliver intelligent marketing solutions for the specific goals you want to achieve. Our success has been based on a “hands on and sleeves rolled up” service, which allows us to fully understand your business and help you grow.

Why We Are Different

  • Our clients enjoy our services until the objectives are delivered; offering ideas, support and ACTION until your goals are achieved. Our experience, skills and knowledge in several industries, allows us to bring some refreshing thinking into any industry sector.
  • Varangian view marketing spend as an investment, not a cost, and therefore we ensure our activities are focused on delivering the best possible return on investment for all of our clients.
  • With over 30 years experience in the sales & marketing industry, we feel we are capable of helping your business achieve great things!

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Quick Contact

    I wish to offer a recommendation for Peter Murphy of Varangian Consultancy Ltd. When Peter came to work for us at Cavendish Brooke International Ltd, we needed our help in establishing our vision for the future of the business. Peter worked with us to clear some of our confusion and helped us create and implement a robust but simple plan to help us grow our business.
    Peter showed a clear understanding of our business in an incredibly short time and quickly became a valued support to us. He helped us to gain a clear vision of the direction in which we wanted to grow and increase our market share.
    I cannot recommend Peter enough. We find him to be honest, hard-working and a natural coach who made a clear positive impact on our business.

    Cindy Griffith – Financial Planning Consultant