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Five Steps to Success

Varangian digital marketing has developed a unique proven process, which has 5 steps and is totally transparent throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

We call step one and two the qualification process and is conducted free of charge – prior to engagement to ensure the best possible chance of the campaign succeeding.

The Steps in Detail

  • Step 1: To ensure there are enough people searching for services similar to yours, in the agreed target area; we undertake a keyword traffic report. This also indicates an approximate number of visits you would get for a particular spend with google. In addition, it indicates the cost of particular keywords. Which many clients find useful.
  • Step 2: When we are convinced, there are sufficient people searching for services similar to yours in the targeted area, we ask potential clients for a number of details and conduct an approximate return on investment calculation. Using data from all parties. This data may be sensitive and we never divulge it to any other party. Assuming “the numbers” look positive we then agree to engage.
  • Step 3: Build the landing page. Here we use the latest industry expertise to make sure the highest number of customers will engage with the page.  We also test different versions so we can back the winners.
  • Step 4: Develop the campaign(s).
  • Step 5: We have developed a unique dashboard, which, in real time shows how the campaign is performing with all the required detail to make improvement ideas and understand where you should be spending your marketing budget.

Our Unique Approach

Another concern some potential clients have is the length of the contract. Unlike our competitors we do not hold people to 12-month contracts, indeed if the campaign isn’t performing well enough for a client, with some notice, we pause the campaign on your request at the end of that month.

We believe that our unique approach to clients builds trust, confidence and transparency and that supports our belief systems.

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